Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I went up the Provo Canyon last weekend with my friend Josio and his brother. We ended up driving to Sundance, yes, that place where the film festival is. This was my first time being there and it was so beautiful. I took some pictures but they aren't very good. Josio did take this video which wasn't planned at all and it turned out really nice. I might buy his camera since he is getting a better one and I will want to start making videos. Let me know what you guys think about that. We also shot another one for his birthday and you can find that on his Instagram. 

Here is the contact info: 
My Instagram // jug1da

Please enjoy.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014


大家好! This is my first outfit post since forever and there is a lot of photos. I have definitely changed aesthetics since my last post and I am heavily influenced by Rei Kawakubo. I love the look and I feel really comfortable. The shirt is brand new-ish (used but I just bought it) and I just buttoned it off one to give it this unique asymmetrical look. I regret not buying polka dotted button ups before! This style comes off interesting/thought out but at the same time effortless/easy. I think this style will be here to stay. If I have too many pieces it looks too deliberate.. so get ready for lots of big pants and drop crotch! 

|| JACKET: H&M leather jacket 
|| TOP: CHICO's blouse
|| BOTTOM: TAOBAO drop crotch pants    
|| SHOES: CITY SNEAKS from thrift store

This is definitely my favorite outfit post I have done and I really hope you guys enjoy it! There is a lot of pictures too to make up for the lack of outfits posted. 

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//JUG1DA (刘夏雷)

Monday, February 24, 2014



大家好!It's me again! It has been a couple months and I am back with the second part of my review for the Geo Magic Black circle lenses. A little info of what has been happening in my life though. I am all settled in a new apartment in Provo, I have a second blog I am in charge of for my husband that just started, I have been working, and just living a normal life so far. I do want to become a serious blogger and I am promising to be consistent. I will make a schedule and everything! So just thanks if you still come on here and support me!

Okay, let's start the review...

Here are all the facts about the Geo Magic Black taken from the info box at Pinky Paradise.
*Diameter : 14.00
*Water Content : 38%
*Base Curve : 8.6mm
*Type : 1 yr disposal
*The prescription of both are -0.00

aw, look at the little cuties floating in the solution.

I am not gonna lie that I initially found out/shown interest in these particular lens because of Felice Fawn. I for some reason thought they would give me that cool look even though I have brown eyes. Sometimes I curse my parents but soon come to my senses that brown eyes are pretty too. Anyway, I did research and found that these are the same ones and took the plunge. When I first wore them I wasn't that crazy and the Geo Natural Brown was my favorite; however, a few weeks before they tore I was loving them and tried to wear them whenever I could. I don't know if it was the fault of Pinky Paradise or something on my part. I put them in one day and one of them felt really weird and uncomfortable. It turned out it had a large rip and I was so sad! I will try not to let that sway the score I give them.

Now here are some pics of me with them in + pros/cons:

THE PROS                                 THE CONS


*($$) UNDER 20 DOLLARS              *DOES LOOK BETTER WITH                                            LIGHTER EYE COLOURS


*****You can clearly see my natural eye colour in the middle. I love the effect it gives. Ignore my dark circles and weird wide eyes.

I think they look so cool and I thought I looked so cute and kinda dolly. These are probably really awesome for dolly looks. Since they ripped, I haven't decided if I want to re-buy them. If shipping wasn't so long I totally would and also I really don't wear lenses that much. I still would recommend them but I might not buy from PP too much (unless I have to). I have to count that it ripped in the score but I will be fair and the score is ......
Here is the link for the Geo Magic Black (they are offered in various circle lens sites though)

Thanks for reading this review and I appreciate everyone who reads this! If you have any questions or even your own opinion about it, I would love to hear it. I am looking forward to posting more and look out for that!

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//JUG1DA (刘夏雷)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



大家好!The title says it all.. this post is a review of the two lenses I purchased from Pinky Paradise. TBH I bought these (order date) 08/05/2013 so this is not a timely review, however; something unfortunate happened recently and I decided to review them. The circle lenses I am reviewing are Geo Magic Black and Geo Natural Brown from Geo Medical. **None of this pictures are edited and all info about them I got from their pages at Also this is a two part/ish post. I will post the one about Geo Magic Black after this one! OK! Let's get on with it... 

 *****The whole contents of the package I received in the mail. Top row: free Japanese Velcro hair holder (2pc) and two complimentary lenses case. Bottom row: free crystal eyelid patch from Deck out Women and the two circle lenses. I absolutely love the hair holder but I think I lost them. 

The first one I'm going to review is Geo Natural Brown and here is some info listed below about it.
*Diameter : 14.00
*Water Content : 38%
*Base Curve : 8.6mm
*Type : 1 yr disposal
*The prescription of both are -0.00

It was really hard to find really good reviews for this one at the time for some reason. I took a risk and chose this one. I'm very happy with it and it blends pretty well with my natural color. It is a little darker though. I do wish it was a little lighter to make my eyes look a bit lighter. My eyes are a little small and sometimes circle lenses look really awkward. These ones aren't too big and don't look freaky in real life. 

Here are some pics of me wearing them + pros/cons:
THE PROS                                 THE CONS
(MAYBE THAT IS JUST ME?)            
                                    *SHIPPING TAKES FOREVER
*LOOKS NATURAL                      
                                    *A LITTLE DRY AFTER AWHILE
                                    *DOESN'T MAKE EYES REALLY POP
*($$)EVEN THOUGH $19 IS STILL       

I believe the pros outweigh the cons and I am happy with my purchase. Pinky Paradise is reliable but I don't think the shipping wait time is worth it (lenses aren't something I don't want to wait a month for). However, they give you a bunch of freebies and I like freebies. The product is in good condition and what I wanted so I gave it a fair score of.............

Here is the link for the Geo Natural Brown (they are offered in various circle lens sites though)

Thanks for reading this review and I hope I helped a little bit. Feel free to ask additional questions if you have any and stay tuned for part two of my circle lens review on the Geo Magic Black!

谢谢你,Thanks for reading xx
//JUG1DA (刘夏雷)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

CHINA 2013 (1)

大家好! This is the first part of my 3 month trip to China (whilst still on my trip for a few more weeks). I don't want them to be too long so I will limit them to 20 or so pictures. My husband and I left Salt Lake City Airport Sept. 29 and landed in San Francisco, CA to catch a transfer to Beijing International Airport to land on Oct. 01. These pictures are from the airplane to our first night in Beijing, China. Also I don't know why the pictures want to be stupid and not stay in the center.

 And yes, of course! We had to go to Mcdonald's as soon as I saw one nearby! I thought the Big Mac was really similar but I will never order any chicken from Chinese Mcdonald's again. Also, I am so sorry how crappy the photos look at night. I need to invest in a better camera. Anyway... 

The flight wasn't as long and bad as I thought it would be and I did manage to sleep a little bit. They played 'The Great Gatsby' which I was totally wanting to see and so that was pretty awesome. I also read a book I borrowed from my best friend but now I have to take it back with me (I am really cutting it close with the weight limits). Which is going to kill me going back because I bought so much more clothes/things than I thought I would. It's okay though because this is just going to prepare me for when I come back in a few years. I know I will want to because it's fun travelling and China is a weird but beautiful place.

Stay tuned for part two next Friday!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I went to the Great Wall of China and it was amazing! It was in October and some leaves had started to change colours (one of my favourite aspects of going there). I didn't really pack a lot of good clothes but these were new pants and I love them. 

|| TOP: thrited sweater from D.I.
|| BOTTOM: from street shop in Shunyi, Beijing w/ vivienne westwood buttons   
|| SHOES: korean street brand platform high tops

I just bought these pants and shoes in my first few weeks of being in China. The pants were such a lucky find + having viv west logo buttons. Also surprisingly practically every Chinese girl/woman wears platform shoes so these kind are not hard to come by. I was shocked because everyone always comments on all the types of platform shoes I own and here it was like coming home. I think this outfit was good for the stressful climb up super steep stairs and I felt super comfy.

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//JUG1DA (刘夏雷)


I can finally post on here again! I am still in China (I leave at the end of this month) but I got a vpn to get past the firewall. These are just a few photos from many and I plan to have a post each week about my trip. I took a lot of photos so I'm excited to share them.

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//JUG1DA (刘夏雷)